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JR Seremban Outlet


     Driven by the mission of creating competitive value to operate sustainable market, we decided to implement strategic of restructuring the new form of company image. In 2015, J.R. OIL SEALS (MELAKA) SDN BHD. (SEREMBAN OUTLET) is founded in Seremban area.    

     Seremban is expected to witness further development in the near future and serving as a commercial area for multinational companies, such as DHL, George Kent, many well known and medium enterprise, industrial and food industry and so on. With these advantages, we have decided to establish J.R. OIL SEALS (MELAKA) SDN BHD. (SEREMBAN OUTLET), and to strive for sustainable oil seal market in Malaysia.

     Since our establishment, we are continue to enhancing our market value by paying focus on foreign countries oil seals markets' movement. We are yet looking forward for advanced products and serve as the framework to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.



No. 53, Jalan Rahang Jaya 2,
Pusat Perniagaan Rahang Jaya,
70100 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.



06 - 765 6988 / 765 6989



06 - 765 6930








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