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A Learning Enterprise

    The human resource is fundamental development of an organization. Facing through the competition nowadays, we have created our core value by providing training courses for employees, to contribute to design the capability and nurturing of talents among employees.

    As the first honor of “Golden Learning Award”, J.R. Company plays as a role model of learning enterprise. To ensuring training success, company management is always leading their employees for training courses. Our entrepreneur, Mr. Goh also passed this enthusiasm to all business partners.

    All of training allowed participants to make their own discoveries and able to deliver empowering motivation and commitment. We have funded our employees to Taiwan, China, Southeast Asia and so on, in participating in the programs. Such as:

  2005 Attending < Dynamic Leadership Course> By Cani Success Sdn. Bhd.  
  2006 Attending < Power of Influence> Workshop by Life Academy in Taiwan
    Attending < Power of Change> Workshop by Life Academy in Taiwan
  2006   Visiting to N.O.K and Nactec Office in Batam, Indonesia and Singapore
      Workshop was held in Dynasty Hotel in Kuala Lumpur after the visit
  2006   Attending < Winning with Team Building> Training Workshop
  2006 Attending < Enterprise Development and Blue Sea Training Workshop
  2007 Attending < The Phoenix Seminar
    Attending < 31st Profit Making Module
  2008 Attending < National Entrepreneur Workshop> Training Workshop
  2009 Attending < The 42nd Action Success Training Course
    Attending < Tsing Hua International University Leadership Seminar> in China
  2011 Attending < Gu Gan Training Course> By Cani Success Sdn. Bhd.

    The training courses above were designed to enhance employees’ talents and self development.

   Aside from being a supplier and manufacturer of Double Acting Seals, O-Ring, O-Ring Kit, Industrial Seals, Mechanical Seals, Floating Seals as well as Hydraulic Sealing Kits, we also provide training to our employees so that they can have a better knowledge of the industry as well as its products of Double Acting Seals, O-Ring, O-Ring Kit and other type of seals in Malaysia.

Double Acting SealsO-RingO-Ring Kit Malaysia

Double Acting Seals:O-Ring:O-Ring Kit Malaysia